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Social Media Law Course

DON'T BECOME A Digital dinosaur!

Social Media Law Course 

This Social Media Law workshop is designed to provide participants with extensive knowledge on the laws that govern Social Media use. It further highlights the legal consequences of Social Media misconduct.


This one day workshop aims to equip delegates with the best methods of drafting Social Media Strategies. Moreover, it teaches participants effective ways of marketing a business using Social Media.

Laws governing Social Media use


  • Legal consequences of Social Media misconduct
  • Rules of the social Media Platforms
  • Dismissal for Social Media related misconduct
  • Protection of personal information Bill (2009) (POPI)
  • Employee’s right to privacy
  • Freedom of opinion
  • Freedom of expression


Your Social Media Strategy and the Law


  • Overview of the Social media marketing landscape
  • How does GDPR affect us a SMMs in South Africa
  • Best practices in terms of content marketing and applying the law
  • Defining your social media strategy in terms of competitions, etc


Who should attend?

  • Social Media Officers
  • Social Media Strategists
  • Communications Officers/ Directors/ Managers
  • Marketing Officers/ Directors/ Managers
  • Public Relations Officers/ Directors/ Managers
  • Stakeholder Relations Officers/ Directors/ Managers
  • Branding Officers/ Managers
  • Client Relations Officers/ Managers
  • Fundraising / promotional Officers/ Managers
  • Spokespersons
  • Media Relations officers/ Managers
  • Journalists
  • Advertising Officers/ Managers
  • Radio/ Television Presenters
  • Directors
  • CEOs


A social media marketing specialist and a people’s person by nature, Irma Karsten has over 20 years of work experience behind her.

Irma is passionate about training individuals and facilitating courses – from entry level right through to advanced level – on all platforms and across all industries. Her courses are informative and with her sense of humour added into the mix while she presents, it is no wonder that entrepreneurs, marketing managers and executives have all attended Irma’s training sessions.

Irma believes that “if you are not having fun while you are doing it, then you are doing it wrong”, and this coupled with her years of experience across multiple industries and roles makes her a well-rounded and sought-after trainer and facilitator.




Linmari Pelser is a labour relations specialist and social media law expert. She is a skilled
speaker, consultant, trainer and facilitator with a passion for helping people improve their

After obtaining her LLB degree from the University of Pretoria she immediately fell in
love with the legal link that exists between employees and employers as well as the laws
that govern these relationships. Despite her love for the employment law, she is obsessed
with technology and its regulating laws and has been working with clients across the
continent to increase their knowledge on these laws.

For the past year Linmari has also been involved, together with the University of the North-
West, with the training and up-skilling of people in rural areas. Her facilitation style is
engaging, entertaining and highly interactive.
Linmari is a professional entrepreneur and director of Invictus Training Solutions.




Three Days: R3,200 (ex. VAT)

Dates and Times

Johannesburg dates:

8 August 2018

6 September 2018

4 October 2018 

8 November 2018

9am - 4pm



Link et al:  The Cheese Has Moved
The Woodlands
Building 26
16 Woodlands Drive

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