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Social Media Introduction Course

DON'T BECOME A Digital dinosaur!

Social media is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a must have. Navigating through the seemingly complex landscape of likes, followers, shares, organic growth and myriad of other terms even the most connected of millennials will have a hard time to understand, is not as daunting as it seems… if you have the right roadmap.

This course provides insight into the effective use of social media channels for marketing and demystifies the world of social media.

We’ll show you how to create qualified sales leads with social media marketing, measure the success of your efforts and build your brand up to international standards.

Your Trainer: 
The Social Media Introduction Course course will be facilitated by Irma Karsten, a renowned social media marketer with solid experience in social media marketing training across industries. Irma heads up the digital team at TCHM and has a vast understanding and successful track record in all aspects of marketing, but particularly loves all things social media. Her training sessions are very practical and interactive and invaluable for social media noobs and gurus alike (if you don’t know what that means… you need to attend!).


• Training material in digital format
• An interactive, practical workshop
• We give you a full set of marketing material, content planner, tools and templates to use on your social media channels on a USB
• A light meal
• Set-up and auditing of your social media pages
• Upon confirmation of your attendance, we will send you the pre-workshop reading material.

About Irma Karsten

A social media marketing specialist and a people’s person by nature, Irma Karsten has over 20 years of work experience behind her. 

Irma is passionate about training individuals and facilitating courses – from entry level right through to advanced level – on all platforms and across all industries. Her courses are informative and with her sense of humour added into the mix while she presents, it is no wonder that entrepreneurs, marketing managers and executives have all attended Irma’s training sessions.

Irma believes that “if you are not having fun while you are doing it, then you are doing it wrong”,
and this coupled with her years of experience across multiple industries and roles makes her a well-rounded and sought-after trainer and facilitator.


R2,750 per day (ex. VAT)

Dates and Times

JHB: 6 August, 4 September

9am - 4pm


Link et al: The Cheese Has Moved
The Woodlands
Building 26
16 Woodlands Drive


In Partnership with these leading brands:

Shift ONE offers a bespoke service that mixes traditional and Paid Media marketing to achieve goals that clients have set for themselves.
Link et al Logo provides training in the digital marketing industry. Their logo is text-based, with a square encasing the brand name.
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