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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

At first glance, SEO can be very strange and confusing. But all it is, is a whole lot of clever techniques to lure people to your website by making it more searchable. And you do this by becoming friends with Google. Why is this necessary? Well, the more searchable you are, the more Google likes this and the higher you are promoted. It’s all about rank baby.

What is this course about?

In our online courses, we teach you techniques on how to make use of the right Google tools to link your website to other websites bringing more visitors to your door. Google likes this and ranks you higher than the rest which means that you will become more searchable globally.

Course Name
a.    SEO for Marketing Managers SEOMM01
b.    SEO for Social Media Managers SEOSM01
c.    SEO an Introduction SEOINT01
d.    SEO for WordPress SEOWP01
e.    Become an SEO Guru SEOGUR01
f.     Writing for SEO


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