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So now that you're active on all digital platforms, you'll quickly realise that all free platforms (like Gmail or Google Search or Facebook) are only free because they pay for themselves by showing their visitors adverts.

If you want to reach new customers who are online, there's only one way to do it, that's to pay someone! Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Google are standing by, holding back potential customers, until you give them some of your hard-earned cash, then they'll release to you a stream of prospects that will keep your sales team happy and the sales rolling in.

Worth it? Well that depends on your brand, goals and which channels are right to go fishing in!

What is this course about?

Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, News24, all of these websites or platforms show banners and ads to people who are browsing or searching for something.

Your brand needs to be there, or be left behind.

  • An introduction to Online Advertising
    What is Online Advertising all about? Why do you need to be there? Which platforms or channels are available to advertise on? What's right for your business? CPL, CPC, PPC, CPM, CPA...learn what these are and why you need to know them.
  • Creating an Online Advertising Strategy
    Without a strategy, how will you know if you are achieving your goals? What are your goals, what's the measurement of success, who are you trying to reach, what's your budget, duration, etc.
  • Google Search
    Be found when people type search terms into Google.
  • Google Adwords
    The platform that you will use to set up all your ads on.
  • Google Display Network
    Google has access to millions of publisher third-party websites. They can place your banner ads here, depending on your criteria, and find customers where they are at.
  • Remarketing
    The magical ability for banners to follow people after they've visited a website or page.
  • Social Media Advertising
    How to place ads on the top Social Media platforms.
  • Creating a Media Plan
    Setting up a media plan for your business.
  • Creating a Media Brief
    How to brief your media buying company or PPC agency.
  • Plus more!

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Dates & Times

Cape Town

Day 1 –  Digital Strategy and Email Marketing

15 June 2018


Day 2 -  Introduction to Social Media

22 June 2018


Day 3 – Social Media Marketing

29 June 2018


Day 4 – Web Design, Analytics and SEO

6 July 2018


Day 5 – Online Advertising

13 July 2018


Please note that these dates are pending confirmation

All sessions are from 09h00 to 16h00.



Day 1 –  Digital Strategy and Email Marketing

Date TBC


Day 2 – Introduction to Social Media

Date TBC


Day 3 – Social Media Marketing

Date TBC


Day 4 – Web Design, Analytics and SEO

Date TBC


Day 5 – Online Advertising

Date TBC




Face-to-face, only R11,950 ex.VAT 

These modules can also be attented individually at R2,590 per day (ex.VAT)


Cape Town:

Convention Square
1 Lower Long Street


Johannesburg: Roodepoort, Venue TBC

Seats are limited.

Courses will be rescheduled if minimum numbers not met.


  • Wi-fi at venue
  • Lunch and snacks, drinks
  • Advanced Certificate
  • Digital handouts


We will give you tasks to complete at the end of

each course, so you can go home

and put into practice

everything you've learned. This is optional.

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"Thank you for the social media training this morning. It was very insightful and informative, plus having an awesome speaker helped!"

- Ruark, Social Media Manager

"I just want to say a massive thank you for this morning’s training. Besides it being so well organised, it was just simply such an enjoyable, insightful and productive experience, with so many awesome, but very real, conversations and perspectives. Dylan, you did a remarkable job creating such a comfortable space for conversation, allowing people to confidently voice their opinions, and then an even better job guiding the overall conversation with such a calm demeanor, relevant topics and clever flow. Thank you."

- Kyle, Brand Manager

"One of the best ever presentations and learning sessions I have ever attended in My Life. Thanks to the point."

- Hester, Entrepreneur

“Thank you so much Dylan. My Marketing training with you has helped me to see my business differently. Wow! What an eye opener. Would highly recommend booking a training session with the Team!

I love your workshops! Thanks once again for today, it was awesome!"

"I just want to thank you all for such a wonderful and informative session on Friday and to say thanks to the wonderful speaker."

Jeanine, Marketing Coordinator

"Thanks for today. Dylan is a very good presenter, and I enjoyed her style as a speaker. Well done on your sessions, and thank you for the value we have gotten from them!"

Lorraine, CEO

"Thanks for an awesome presentation!"

Dean, Group Marketing, Sponsorship and Events Manager

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