intro to LinkedIn and Social selling for Business

LinkedIn and Social Selling Training Course 

LinkedIn is the top business social media channel in the world, especially for business targeting other businesses (B2B). If your customers are on LinkedIn then you need to know how to use it effectively to reach them.

This LinkedIn and Social Selling Training Course will take you from zero to hero on the platform, and we'll have you growing your business in no time.

Knowing how and when to use this platform is imperative to every Marketing Manager. 


What is this course about?

Understanding Instagram and LinkedIn is non-negotiable for Marketers these days.

  • An Introduction to LinkedIn
    Get the lowdown on the LinkedIn basics
  • Creating an Effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategy
    What are your goals and is this the right channel for them, how to make this channel work for you
  • How to use LinkedIn for your Business
    What's the right way to use it, how to use it, when to use it, what to say, who to reach, when, etc. Setting up a business page, setting up a personal profile, optimising both. Content creation, joining Group, hiring staff, and more.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
    When to love LinkedIn, when to leave it
  • Analytics
    Understanding the numbers and reporting tools
  • Practical: Spend Time on LinkedIn Reviewing Examples
    What are groups, when to post, who to follow, how to search for contacts and connect with them
  • Practical: Set up a few Adverts
    Let's create an advert together so you know how
  • Introduction to Social Selling
    What is it and why should you use it
  • Social Selling - how to do it
    Practical examples on how to employ social selling in your business
  • Social Selling and Reporting
    Reporting back on successes
  • Plus a ton of resources, tools and templates
  • Plus more!


Cost: R2,200 ex. VAT. Discounts for more than 3 people from a company.


Cape Town, TBC


10th November, 2017. 9am - 4pm.




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