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One of our goals at Shift ONE is to help you grow, which is why we have put together a host of free courses for your personal development.

These free courses are designed with the entrepreneur in mind, the small business owner and the marketing manager who needs digital skills and are essentially knowledge-share sessions facilitated by Dylan Kohlstadt or other experts in digital marketing.

We have been running free courses since we started in 2011 and we are pleased to say that we have continued to give back in 2022.

A picture of the autograph of Dylan Kohlstadt that reads "Dylan". Dylan is an industry leader in the digital marketing industry.

Free TRAINING Courses with Google

Free Digital Marketing Training Courses
We have partnered up with Google to offer you 125 different free training courses, please join us in learning all about digital marketing and social media plus life skills courses, dev and tech courses!

    1. Free Digital Marketing Courses
      1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
      2. Get a Business Online
      3. Let Your Customers Find you Online
      4. Promote a Business with Online Marketing
      5. Expand to Other Countries
      6. Connect with Customers over Mobile
      7. Promote a Business with Content
      8. Google Search Ads
      9. And More!
    2. Other Free Courses
      1. Land your Next Job
      2. Develop a Career Plan
      3. Effective Networking
      4. Speaking in Public
      5. Business Writing
      6. Social Psychology
      7. English for Career Development
      8. Start a CV
      9. Communicating at Work
      10. Send Professional Emails
      11. And More!
    3. Free Developer & Tech Courses
      1. Junior Web Development
      2. Python Development
      3. Cybersecurity
      4. Android Developer
      5. JavaScript
      6. Learn to Code
      7. And More!

See all Free Google Courses


Free Training Courses via our Digital Marketing Facebook Group

We ran a series of free training courses on our Facebook Group called Digital Marketer's Unite!

We would love you to join our group - we share daily tips and tricks and watch and share these short videos.

If you want to join our free courses, head over to our Facebook Group created for Digital Marketers and Entrepreneurs, called DIGITAL MARKETER'S UNITE!

On these free weekly free webinars we share the latest in social media and digital marketing tips and tricks.

Free Training Courses Topics we Covered in our Facebook Group

Here are some of the free courses we've run in the last few months! We have a real academy going here, great, short free videos with heaps of good advice!



About Dylan Kohlstädt  

Dylan Kohlstädt has over 20 years marketing management experience in gaming, insurance, financial and property industries and can be considered a subject matter expert on all things digital.

She has extensive local and international experience (South Africa, UK and Australia), and has managed global and national brands in multiple languages and countries.

Dylan has her IMM (3 years) Marketing Diploma as well as an MBA through Unisa.

She is married and the mother of two young girls and knows the challenges of being a mompreneur. She enjoys surfing and reading as well as playing guitar and painting in her spare time, of which there is very little these days.

Paid For Coaching, Courses, Training, and Workshops

If you'd like us to run a custom training course for you, your staff, or your team, please head over to the Digital Marketing Academy. Shift ONE launched the Digital Marketing training academy in 2013, and there we focus on full courses and training in digital, social media, websites, SEO, and more.

Dylan Kohlstadt is also available for coaching and facilitating marketing strategy workshops, etc.

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