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Let us create Customised Content
for you and your Team

customised Course content

Whatever your topic, your team's needs or your content requirements, we can customise a training course to suit you and your team's individual needs.

  • Advanced Facebook and Facebook Business Manager
  • LinkedIn for Executives
  • Instagram & Influencer Marketing
  • LinkedIn and Social Selling
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Any digital marketing topic of your choice

Cost: R15 000.00 for a full day custom course. This includes up to 5 people attending. Each attendee after that will be charged at an extra R1000.00 As this is a customised course prices may vary according to requirements.

Advanced Facebook & Facebook Business Manager

This face-to-face course will teach you everything you need to know about Facebook Business Manager, and empower you with enough knowledge to create high performing campaigns.

What do we cover?
  • An Introduction to new tech updates on Facebook Business Manager
  • How to create campaigns, find audiences, load lists, create artwork
  • How to use the Creative Suite of Facebook Business Manager products
  • The various sections within Facebook Business Manager
  • Setting up reports 
  • Plus more!

Cost: R15,950 per day, first 5 people free, thereafter R1,000 additional per person

LinkedIn for Executives Course

Have a CEO that uses LinkedIn or are you a CEO that uses LinkedIn? Or not using LinkedIn and you know you should?

We'll help you navigate LinkedIn hi-level and practically, and create a strategy that works for your executive, or yourself.

What do we cover?
  • An Introduction to LinkedIn
  • Social Media Landscape in RSA
  • Your CEO's Social Media Strategy
  • LinkedIn Basics
  • Pitfalls, Do's and Don't's
  • LinkedIn: How to use it Effectively
  • Examples of other CEO's Around the World
  • Plus more!

Cost: R15,950 per day, first 5 people free, thereafter R1,000 additional per person

Custom digital marketing course

Want us to sit with you and your team and work out a custom training course, built around your needs?

What do we cover?
  • From strategy to execution to tracking and reporting
  • Let us build a course for you that will cover all your needs

Cost: R15,950 per day, first 5 people free, thereafter R1,000 additional per person

Ask Me Anything Q&A Session

You've got a full day to ask Dylan Kohlstadt, Founder of Shift ONE and CEO of the Digital Marketing Academy, and marketing or digital marketing related question.

What type of questions can you ask?
  • There's no wrong or right question, there's no question too dumb, if you have a digital marketing or even traditional marketing or entrepreneurship question burning on your heart that you need answers to, set up a Q&A session and find answers to these and more!

Cost: R15,950 per day, first 5 people free, thereafter R1,000 additional per person

Don't study alone

We believe that learning that takes place in an interactive environment is more effective than learning that takes place alone.

That's why all our courses are face-to-face and highly interactive.

Network with your peers

Meet people who have the same challenges you have, and learn from them the ways they handle and overcome them.

Make lifelong friends and contacts that will help you along your digital journey.

Practical content

Our content is gleaned from a working marketing and advertising agency, Shift ONE.

What we teach you is what our team puts into practice daily, for big brands and smaller businesses.

The content we teach is practical and will meet you at the level you're at.

Why digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is an amazing career for someone who is creative and business minded. It allows you to specialise in any one field, or become a guru in all.

South African Marketers lack digital know-how. This is your opportunity to set yourself apart from the rest by acquiring critical Digital Marketing skills.

Face-to-face interactive training is the way to go. No more studying alone or online, rather network and learn with your peers in an interactive environment.

Let's see what some of our
learners have to say?

"Thank you for the social media training is morning. It was very insightful and informative, plus having an awesome speaker helped!"

- Ruark, Social Media Manager

"I just want to say a massive thank you for this morning’s training. Besides it being so well organised, it was just simply such an enjoyable, insightful and productive experience, with so many awesome, but very real, conversations and perspectives. Dylan, you did a remarkable job creating such a comfortable space for conversation, allowing people to confidently voice their opinions, and then an even better job guiding the overall conversation with such a calm demeanor, relevant topics and clever flow. Thank you."

- Kyle, Brand Manager

"One of the best ever presentations and learning sessions I have ever attended in My Life. Thanks to the point."

- Hester, Entrepreneur

“Thank you so much Dylan. My Marketing training with you has helped me to see my business differently. Wow! What an eye opener. Would highly recommend booking a training session with the Team!

I love your workshops! Thanks once again for today, it was awesome!"

"I just want to thank you all for such a wonderful and informative session on Friday and to say thanks to the wonderful speaker."

Jeanine, Marketing Coordinator

"Thanks for today. Dylan is a very good presenter, and I enjoyed her style as a speaker. Well done on your sessions, and thank you for the value we have gotten from them!"

Lorraine, CEO

"Thanks for an awesome presentation!"

Dean, Group Marketing, Sponsorship and Events Manager

About Digital Marketing Academy

One company’s passion to empower others, lead to the creation of this Digital Marketing Academy that provides Marketing Managers and Entrepreneurs from all over the world with the opportunity to learn, share and up skill themselves in digital marketing.

The Digital Marketing Academy was created by Shift ONE, a creative integrated marketing agency based in Cape Town. The Academy's content is drawn from over 6 years of working with Marketing Managers and Entrepreneurs...we teach what we know works, because we do it every single day.


Why study here?

Because, the content is practical, easy to understand, and easy to implement.

Because, we live what we teach every day at our marketing agency, Shift ONE.

Because, we are great teachers and love to interpret learning to people like you.

Because, without digital marketing skills, you will be left behind in the workplace.

What you will learn

You’ll learn about digital marketing as a whole, plus dive deep into specific digital channels.

By the end of your course you’ll be able to do the work yourself, or manage the people who do it better.


faq on courses

Bring your own digital device (laptop or tablet)
We provide wi-fi
We provide parking (venue dependent)
We provide lunch (not for short courses
We give you a certificate at the end
Any other questions please give us a shout!


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