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Dylan Kohlstadt
Dylan Signature

Dylan Kohlstadt
Founder & CEO of Shift ONE digital and the Digital Marketing Academy

A message from our CEO


Investing in the development of your employees is
crucial to enable your business to flourish in today's

By providing training in digital marketing and social
media marketing, you can foster personal and
professional development of your workforce and drive
business growth.

We understand the importance of developing
exceptional individuals while also achieving
outstanding results.

Our objective is to assist corporate marketing teams in
staying ahead of constant disruption and change by
offering cutting-edge training that empowers them to


Years in Marketing




Years training in digital marketing

"To be successful in the future, a company should continually improve the digital marketing skills of its workers."

-Dylan Kohlstadt


Why you need your own branded
Corporate Academy

Because your staff are at different levels of knowledge

Not all your staff have the same understanding of digital marketing

At the fast pace that digital marketing changes, your internal training documents are continuously out of date

Your subject matter experts don't understand the full digital ecosystem and are unable to suggest holistic solutions

The threat of AI means your team needs to think as holistic marketers, as AI writing and design are now available to all your competitors too

The cost of training staff is skyrocketing, and cutting costs is imperative, but not at the cost of learning

What your staff will LEARN

With your own branded digital marketing corporate academy, your staff will comprehensively understand digital marketing strategies and techniques. They will learn about search engine optimization (SEO) and how to improve a website's visibility on search engines like Google. They will also learn about how to create and manage effective campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and many other social media platforms.

Staff will learn about social media marketing, including how to create and execute a social media strategy, how to use different social media platforms, and how to measure the success of social media campaigns. The academy covers analytics, including how to measure the success of your digital marketing campaigns using tools like Google Analytics. They will also learn how to create a detailed digital marketing plan, identify target audiences, and set clear goals and objectives.

Your teams will also learn about content marketing, including creating and distributing high-quality content that resonates with your target audience. Additionally, they will learn about email marketing, including how to create and send effective email campaigns and how to use email marketing tools such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact effectively.

Digital Marketing Academy

This white-labeled Digital Academy has been developed with corporate marketing teams in mind.

Our digital marketing topics target corporate marketing teams with high-powered digital marketing knowledge

The topics are designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of digital marketing and social media, including the latest strategies and tactics to drive results for brands and stay ahead of the competition.
The course is suitable for:

  • Brand managers

  • Social media marketers

  • Strategists

  • Marketers

  • Campaign managers

...and anyone working in a corporate marketing team who needs to understand the digital ecosystem

smiling multicultural colleagues talking and using gadgets in creative agency

What can you expect

You can choose how you want your staff to be trained:

OPTION ONE: Asynchronous - Self-Paced
Staff are able to choose their own courses and
study at their own pace

OPTION TWO: Synchronous - Learn Together
Everyone works through the content together,
facilitated by a highly-skilled trainer

Your academy in numbers


Channel Cerificates Available


Quizzes, Q&A, Polls and Tests


Videos and Interactive Content

PLUS: Our Content is always up to date


Social Media Platforms covered in detail


Templates and tools covered in detail


Digital channels unpacked in detail

    Supercharging your marketing team starts here!

    About the DMA

    We train agencies, corporates and organizations around the world from the UK, USA, Canada, Mauritius, Ireland, Cypress, UAE, to South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, India, and Australia.

    As a result of our passion for providing exceptional learning experiences, our trainers have been able to set up organizations such as Ogilvy Mauritius, Torpedo, Wilson Cooke, and more to succeed.

    As agency owners, experienced trainers, and business owners, we understand the needs of entrepreneurs and SMMEs and can tailor the academy to suit your needs.

    As the Digital Marketing Academy, we assist staff in becoming proficient in Digital Marketing by simplifying the application process of the knowledge and skills obtained through our practical and interactive Digital Marketing courses.

    Our tailored courses are created to align with an organization's specific requirements to drive meaningful digital results for their staff.

    In order to foster a culture of ongoing learning and enable SMMEs and staff to stay ahead in the digital race, we have white-labeled our internal academy and courses to help your staff and SMMEs to succeed, and future-proof themselves.

    Meet our trainers


    Dylan Kohlstädt

    Dylan Kohlstädt has over 20 years of marketing management experience in the gaming, insurance, financial and property industries and can be considered a subject matter expert on all things digital.

    She has extensive local and international experience (South Africa, the UK and Australia), and has managed global and national brands in multiple languages and countries.

    Irma Karsten

    Irma Karsten is a Digital Marketing Strategist and Specialist Trainer with over 20 years of work experience in the field.

    She helps her clients achieve optimal results in building their businesses online by using an integrated marketing approach aligned with the company's strategy and vision.

    She is an accredited trainer in digital marketing and specializes in training on topics such as digital marketing, social media marketing and more.

    Irma Karsten
    Thamsanqa Pasiya

    Thamsanqa Pasiya

    Thamsanqa Pasiya is a storyteller, an advocate for transformation, and a disruptor of the fear of change. His love for people enables him to drive selfless impact without fail. His passion for business natures the pioneer in him, and his devotion to sports constantly reminds him of the power of lifestyle and communities through brands.

    He has demonstrated experience in developing winning marketing strategies for both B2B and B2C markets. Thamsanqa Pasiya, through passion and determination, has trained more than 500 SME business owners and agency employees on using social media tools to create winning campaigns while driving brand purpose.

    Companies we've Trained



      Supercharging your marketing team starts here!

      Why Should You Choose Us?


        We are a full-service digital agency that trains what we live and apply daily. When you learn from us, we teach you what works in the real world.


        Our trainers are experienced digital strategists with many years of experience in Digital Marketing and training.


        Our Google training partner status has enabled us to understand how various people consume learning, which helps us to design personalized, memorable, impactful, and rewarding learning experiences.


        Our content is always fresh and up-to-date, which means that your staff will never be taught anything that is old or irrelevant.


        We have this academy running internally for all our staff, and have seen the results and can testify that it works.

      • WE CARE

        We care about the success of corporate companies and about future-proofing the industry by continuing to adapt and evolve. We have to stay one step ahead.

        Supercharging your marketing team starts here!

        What Other Options Do I Have?

        Once-Off Courses

        Facilitated training delivered by one of our highlyskilled professionals.

        Ask us for a list of the custom course topics we can
        train your team on.

        We have a comprehensive list of digital and social topics we train on.
        Tell us what the need is and we can customize the approach.

        • 01

          Define Objectives

          To drive a successful upskilling process,we identify missing skills and knowledge gaps within your team, set achievable goals, and design a relevant course with an outstanding learning experience.

        • 02

          Experienced Trainers

          Our training sessions are led by our elite trainers and industry leaders with a proven track record of effectively imparting knowledge and delivering outstanding training.

        • 03

          Learning Styles

          To enhance the learning experience, we offer both online and face-to-face training. With powerful digital tools and simplified training methods, we can effectively transfer information to your Digital Marketing team.

        Build Your Own Academy

        Create your own branded digital marketing academy
        for your staff

        We have a comprehensive list of digital and social topics we train on.
        Tell us what the need is and we can customize the approach.

        • 01

          Learning Culture

          Learning is a continuous process that must be fostered to drive the desired results. So, to maximize your marketing team's effectiveness, we help you develop and cultivate a learning culture.

        • 02

          Tools & Tests

          We are committed to providing handson training. Our courses are designed to give your team hands-on experience with tools and assessments to help your team seamlessly apply their knowledge in the workplace.

        • 03

          Online LMS

          A Learning Management System (LSM) system is set up to support each team member's individual learning experience as part of our efforts to simplify your team's learning process.

        eLearning Platform

        All courses have been developed in Thinkific, for ease of use and a good user experience.

        Thinkific is a highly-rated platform used to create, online courses or membership sites. The platform has revolutionized how individuals earn and learn online by building an all-in-one platform designed for both course creators and their audiences.

        We can use any LMS of your preference, however a switching fee will be charged for the content to be moved to a new LMS.


        Branded in your look and feel


        Choose from 11 modules, or select all


        Includes tests, quizzes, tracking, reporting, analytics

          Supercharging your marketing team starts here!

          Digital Marketing Academy

          Track all users and completion for ease of career development and management.

          Digital Marketing Academy

          Candidates have the ability to schedule their own completion time for each module.

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