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Empower Your Corporate Team With Digital Marketing Skills

Master the digital marketing sphere: Equip your marketing team to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape In today’s fast-paced business landscape, digital marketing has emerged as a powerful force that can make or break your company’s success.  The rapid evolution of digital marketing has revolutionised how businesses connect with their customers. This means training your…
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10 Graphic Design Courses That Will Take Your Skills to the Next Level

Embrace Your Design Adventure: Venture into a Creative Journey with 10 Extraordinary Graphic Design Courses Are you passionate about graphic design and looking to take your skills to the next level? Look no further! With the ever-evolving digital landscape, keeping up with the latest design trends and techniques has become more crucial than ever.  No…
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7 Steps Selection Process For Digital Marketing Recruitment

What Is the Selection Process For Hiring The Right Digital Marketing Staff? The process of employee selection is crucial for any company if you want to make sure you hire the right candidate for the job. Hiring the right digital marketing staff is crucial for the success of a company, because your staff are your…
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How To Hire A Suitable Digital Marketing Candidate

Hiring Marketing Staff from Internal Resources You have a digital marketing role to fill, a deadline to meet and an inbox filled to the brim with job applications. You urgently need a digital marketer. But where does one even begin the process of hiring the right candidate? You’ve already established that the new candidate will…
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8 Easy Steps to Creating a Professional Digital Marketing CV

The digital marketing industry is constantly evolving as more and more businesses adopt online platforms and programmes for their growing business.  According to Zippia, the digital marketing industry is growing by 10% yearly. Digital marketing is expected to increase to 13.1% from 2023-2028. The industry’s demand for social media marketing has increased by 45.9%.  There…
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Five Benefits of a Recruitment Agency

HIRE THE BEST PEOPLE, THE FIRST TIME: Five Benefits of a Recruitment Agency Want to hire top talent the first time around and reduce high employee turnover? Then look into using a recruitment agency. If you handle your own recruitment, then you know what this feels like:  A Google Drive folder full of CVs that…
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The Threat is Real: AI vs Digital Marketing Agencies

Introduction The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in digital marketing is on the rise, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that this technology poses a significant threat to traditional digital marketing agencies.  The threat of AI in digital marketing The capabilities of AI are rapidly advancing, and it’s now capable of automating a wide range of…
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Instagram Stories on Desktop or Laptop Computers

Instagram Stories has become an integral part of the Instagram experience. Inspired by Snapchat, ‘Stories’ is used by over 250 million people every day. Instagram announced that from 31st August you can view stories from your desktop. How to view Instagram Stories on Desktop or Laptop Computers You can view Instagram stories the same way…
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The 5 Digital Marketing skills you need in today’s economy

The way we consume media has changed dramatically since the advent of digital. Digital has eroded the market share of the traditional publications like magazines, newspapers and TV. Social Media has gone a step further, and given average Joe’s the opportunity to be the star of their own reality shows. How has digital marketing impacted…
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