Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing

DON'T BECOME A Digital dinosaur!

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Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing Training Course Content

Drink from the firehose in this digital marketing immersion course that will take you from digitally dof to digital doyenne.

Topics covered include:

  • Day 1: An Introduction to Digital Marketing
    Learn about the digital marketing landscape. Compare traditional marketing with digital marketing, and find out how to integrate them. Without a strategy, how will you know you've succeeded? A strategy will get you out of knee-jerk marketing, and into structured, planned marketing that is far more effective. Find out who your target markets are, and how to reach them. 
  • Day 2: Social Media Marketing
    This is a biggie. We'll cover the social media landscape, each of the channels' strengths and weaknesses, plus how to put together a strategy for effective social media marketing.Content marketing is a powerful way of keeping your customers and prospects engaged. Without it you are just hard-selling your products and services, and not closing as many sales as you could and should. Practical ways to organise your life so you don't go mad or get lost in this new landscape, there's lots to do and you need to be organised and not be completely overwhelmed. Learn about creating campaigns, how to set them up and how to measure their effectiveness.
  • Day 3: Email Marketing
    Email marketing is very powerful, if used properly. Learn how to create campaigns, and use MailChimp to design effective mailers. Learn about the power of data and data mining, and how to create mailers that get opened, and get results.
  • Day 4: Websites and SEO
    Websites are the starting point of all digital marketing, without an effective website you really can't start marketing your business. Let us teach you about good website design, good ecommerce design, and how to turn up on page one of Google (Search Engine Optimisation or SEO).
  • Day 5: Online Advertising, Google Analytics, Testing and Tracking
    Learn about creating a strategy, setting goals, which channels are effective for those goals. PPC, CPC, CPM, CPL will all be TLA's you're comfortable with after this session. We'll cover Adwords, Facebook for Business, and top tools for managing your online ads.Digital Marketing is all about numbers, and being able to understand numbers, and the effectiveness and results from your campaigns is critical. We'll take you through Google Analytics and other analytics platforms so you can talk facts when it matters.
  • Practical
    Practical work required after each course, put what you've learned into practice - this is optional
  • Plus a ton of resources, tools and templates
    You'll leave with website brief templates, creative brief templates, content plan templates, lists of top tools, calendars, and much more.


Only R8,990 - includes Advanced Certificate, lunch, practicals, workbooks and top tools


Cape Town: FNB Building, Portside.

Sandton: The Business Exchange

Seats are limited.

Courses will be rescheduled if minimum numbers not met.

Dates & times

Day 1: 12 May 2017 - Cape Town  |  14 July 2017 - Sandton  09:00am - 16:00pm
Day 2: 19 May 2017 - Cape Town  |  21 July 2017 - Sandton 09:00am - 16:00pm
Day 3: 26 May 2017 - Cape Town  |  28 July 2017 - Sandton 09:00am - 16:00pm

Day 4: 02 June 2017 - Cape Town  |  04 August 2017 - Sandton 09:00am - 16:00pm
Day 5: 09 June 2017 - Cape Town  |  11 August 2017 - Sandton 09:00am - 16:00pm


  • Wi-fi at venue
  • Lunch and snacks, drinks
  • Advanced Certificate
  • Digital handouts


We will give you tasks to complete at the end of

each course, so you can go home

and put into practice

everything you've learned. This is optional.

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