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With the Digital Marketing Academy, the power to become an expert in Digital Marketing is in your hands.

So, you’ve just matriculated and wondering what to do next? Or is the job or career you’re currently in starting to feel like the smell of extra mature blue cheese? Always wanted to empower yourself with new leading-edge knowledge but you just don’t have the time or money?

We’ve joined forces with Shift ONE digital, leaders in digital marketing, to bring you a series of easy-to-understand digital marketing courses that will empower you and make you an expert in your field.

It's time to get your digital marketing career on the fast track. View our Digital Marketing courses and sign up for a digital marketing course now.



Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing


Duration: 5 Week Course

Drink from the firehose in this digital immersion course that will take you from digitally dof to digital doyenne.


Introduction to Digital marketing, digital strategy and your Online customers


1 Day Course

  • Intro to Digital Marketing
  • The Digital Marketing landscape in RSA
  • Why have a Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy basics
  • Target Marketing
  • Competitor Review
  • USP's and Positioning
  • The importance of Brand Mapping
  • Top Tools
  • Practical
  • Plus more!

Get Socially Savvy - Social Media for Business Introductory Course


1 Day Course

  • An Introduction to Social Media
  • Social Media Landscape in RSA
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Planning
  • Blogging: How to blog Effectively
  • YouTube: How to use it Effectively
  • FaceBook: How to use it Effectively
  • Twitter: How to use it Effectively
  • Instagram: How to use it Effectively
  • Advertising on Social Media
  • Plus more!

Email Marketing
& MailChimp Course


1 Day Course

  • An Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing: How to use it Effectively
  • Data mining, segmentation
  • MailChimp: How to use it Effectively
  • Practical: You will create a MailChimp account, add lists, design a mailer and send it out
  • Plus more!

Effective Website & eCommerce Design,  SEO, Google Analytics, User Testing and Intro to WordPress Course


1 Day Course

  • Effective Website Design
  • Google Analytics Overview
  • Website Conversions: How to Get more Sales
  • Effective Website Design for e-Commerce Sites
  • An introduction to SEO
  • The Algorithm
  • Writing and SEO
  • SEO for Social Media Managers
  • SEO for Marketing Managers
  • Usability Testing 101
  • WordPress 101
  • Plus more!

Online Advertising Course


1 Day Course

  • An introduction to Online Advertising
  • Google Search
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Display Network
  • Google Analytics, tracking and testing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Creating a Media Plan
  • Creating a Media Brief
  • Reporting and reading numbers
  • Plus more!


custom Courses

We can custom design a training course to meet your needs.  Mix and match content together based on your gaps and we can present the interactive training in the comfort of your own offices, or externally if desired.


Let's see what some of our
learners have to say

"Thank you for the social media training this morning. It was very insightful and informative, plus having an awesome speaker helped!"

- Ruark, Social Media Manager

"I just want to say a massive thank you for this morning’s training. Besides it being so well organised, it was just simply such an enjoyable, insightful and productive experience, with so many awesome, but very real, conversations and perspectives. Dylan, you did a remarkable job creating such a comfortable space for conversation, allowing people to confidently voice their opinions, and then an even better job guiding the overall conversation with such a calm demeanor, relevant topics and clever flow. Thank you."

- Kyle, Brand Manager

"One of the best ever presentations and learning sessions I have ever attended in My Life. Thanks to the point."

- Hester, Entrepreneur

“Thank you so much Dylan. My Marketing training with you has helped me to see my business differently. Wow! What an eye opener. Would highly recommend booking a training session with the Team!

I love your workshops! Thanks once again for today, it was awesome!"

"I just want to thank you all for such a wonderful and informative session on Friday and to say thanks to the wonderful speaker."

Jeanine, Marketing Coordinator

"Thanks for today. Dylan is a very good presenter, and I enjoyed her style as a speaker. Well done on your sessions, and thank you for the value we have gotten from them!"

Lorraine, CEO

"Thanks for an awesome presentation!"

Dean, Group Marketing, Sponsorship and Events Manager

Why digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is an amazing career for someone who is creative and business minded. It allows you to specialise in any one field, or become a guru in all.

South African Marketers lack digital know-how. This is your opportunity to set yourself apart from the rest by acquiring critical Digital Marketing skills.

Face-to-face interactive training is the way to go. No more studying alone or online, rather network and learn with your peers in an interactive environment.

Accredited Digital Marketing Diploma

The Digital Marketing Academy courses are also available in home-study format
from these accredited institutions.


About Digital Marketing Academy

One company’s passion to empower others, lead to the creation of this Digital Marketing Academy that provides Marketing Managers and Entrepreneurs from all over the world with the opportunity to learn, share and up skill themselves in digital marketing.

The Digital Marketing Academy was created by Shift ONE, a creative integrated marketing agency based in Cape Town. The Academy's content is drawn from over 6 years of working with Marketing Managers and Entrepreneurs...we teach what we know works, because we do it every single day.


Why study here?

Because… the content is practical, easy to understand, and easy to implement.

Because we live what we teach every day at our marketing agency, Shift ONE.

Because we are great teachers and love to interpret learning to people like you.

Because, without digital marketing skills, you will be left behind in the workplace.

What you will learn

You’ll learn about digital marketing as a whole, plus dive deep into specific digital channels.

By the end of your course you’ll be able to do the work yourself, or manage the people who do it better.


faq on courses

Bring your own digital device (laptop or tablet)
We provide wi-fi
We provide parking (venue dependent)
We provide lunch (not for short courses)
We give you a certificate at the end - for custom courses and the advanced certificate
Any other questions please give us a shout!


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